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Our services


Our Services

Residential Real Estate Closing: Our experience, technology and flexibility allow us to be able to close any residential closing better and for less cost than any firm in Metro Atlanta.

Commercial Real Estate Closing: Our low overhead, but high expertise allows us to successfully and efficiently complete any commercial real estate closing for substantially less than the largest law firms in the area. Many firms tack on dollars because it is commercial--we do not.

Real Estate Related Matters: Not just closings, but any real estate law matter can be handled for you by us, effectively and at a highly competitive cost, including foreclosures, filing and perfecting liens, homeowner’s association matters, contract drafting and disputes, landlord/tenant matters and some litigation.

Wills, Trusts, Estates: It is truly essential that every family (or individual for that matter) have a will and related documents. Our closing clients get a price break.

Creditors Representation in Bankruptcy: We can assist creditors in filing Proofs of Claim and proceedings for Relief from the Automatic Stay. We do not do any work for debtors.

Mediation: Kevin Walther is a certified civil mediator and can serve in Court-Ordered proceedings or those simply agreed to by the parties.

Purchase or Sale of Businesses: We can help you with the purchase or sale of any type of business. We recognize the vastly differing interests of a seller and a purchaser in these transactions and provide documentation for the deal customized to the interests of our client.

If you have any routine matter we can handle it more efficiently and at lesser cost than ANYONE in our market area. If you have a complex matter, no one else has a broader, better perspective to get you the best resolution of any situation.